Selfless Sponsor Program

Providing disadvantaged youth with access to first-class schools.

In Tanzania, the public school system is severely overstressed, so many pupils do not achieve even the most basic learning outcomes. This situation disproportionately impacts children from disadvantaged families since they cannot afford to send their kids to private schools. The Selfless Sponsor Program provides scholarships to children from disadvantaged backgrounds so that they can access private schools where they will receive the high-quality education that they deserve.

Selfless Solutions built and operates a pre-primary school in the Sing’isi Village of Arusha, Tanzania. Many children there are living in extreme poverty and face other hardships such as broken homes, familial substance abuse, and neglect. Through a strict enrollment process, we select children from the area with the greatest need to join our program.

A small classroom with two boys writing on the chalkboard and a girl sitting at her desk.

When the Selfless Sponsor Program was launched in January 2019, its purpose was to ensure that 100% of all children that graduated from our pre-primary school attended reputable private schools until they completed secondary school. To date, the program has achieved this goal and has enrolled over 130 children at private primary schools in the Arusha area.

A young boy writing on the chalkboard.