Leveraging technology to overcome the English language barrier in Tanzania.

We are almost there!

Following a successful pilot program at our pre-primary school in Sing’isi Village, the local public primary school requested that we bring E-Shuleni to their school. Therefore, we have been working with the school to begin serving 90 students from class 3 when the new school year starts in January 2024. The teachers and administration are very excited to start the new program.

However, we first have to find the resources needed to re-launch the program. So far, we have secured solar panels from a company in Denmark and have raised $11,500. Since the cost of starting the program and running it for one year is $30,000, we have to raise $18,500 by the end of this year to be able to start the program in January.

For reference, the E-Shuleni Program takes children two years to complete and costs $112 to operate per child that is put through the program.

Program overview

In Tanzania, only 31% of eligible children are enrolled in secondary school. Many students drop out because they don’t understand English, which is used as the medium of instruction. As almost half of Tanzanians live below the international poverty line, this is a huge problem since high school graduates earn an average of $9,245 more per year. E-Shuleni is a low-cost intervention designed to solve the English literacy gap and empower students to take their studies further.

A classroom with colorful learning materials on the wall.

E-Shuleni equips public primary schools with tablets and educational software to make learning English easy and enjoyable for students. Through collaboration with school leadership, the program seamlessly integrates into students’ daily school schedules. It takes place in a dedicated room equipped with solar panels for uninterrupted operation. We chose the Enuma School app because it offers high-quality offline content personalized to each child’s abilities.

An instructor standing in a classroom using a tablet.

After successfully launching E-Shuleni at Sing’isi Primary School, we plan to expand the program to other primary schools in Arusha. Ultimately, it is our goal to partner with the Tanzanian government to operate E-Shuleni at every public primary school in the country, boosting educational opportunities and language proficiency for the nation’s youth.

A class of approximately 30 students standing with an instructor outside a school.