Program overview

Selfless Solutions is looking for motivated and passionate individuals from all over the world to bring knowledge, skills, and innovative ideas to enhance our capacity to serve our beneficiaries and further the mission of our organization. Selfless Solutions’ has volunteer programs for both skilled professionals and unskilled workers. Volunteers will create real impact while having the opportunity to learn and experience a culture that is different from their own.

Before applying, candidates need to know and understand that Selfless Solutions’ volunteer and internship programs are not for those who are simply looking to travel or to be on holiday. If this is your only motivation to go to Tanzania, it is probably best to look elsewhere to arrange your experience. Selfless Solutions’ programs are designed particularly for those serious and committed to making positive change in the world. If this is you, then please check below for the volunteering placements that we currently have available.

Please note that Selfless Solutions charges a service fee for organizing volunteer placements and experiences. This is standard practice here, and we use the funds generated to help fund the programs you see on this website. Applications will only be accepted from people who are 18 years of age or older. Younger participants may be permitted, but that depends upon the program, and they would need to be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian. Please also note that Selfless Solutions takes the well-being of the communities we serve seriously, so participants may be asked to perform a background check at their own expense.


Childhood Education

Volunteers will be placed at a pre or primary school that Selfless Solutions’ partners with. Volunteers will assist teachers and staff with their day-to-day duties and organize special events for the children. Additionally, they will work to help grow the initiatives by identifying and initiating partnerships as well as coordinating fundraising campaigns and events.

Volunteers will be assigned to a healthcare facility in Arusha, Tanzania. Volunteers will gain valuable insight into the health care challenges facing the Arusha community as the work alongside the doctors and nurses there. The amount of hands-on tasks they will be able to perform will depend upon each volunteer’s training level and licensure status. It is our hope that volunteers will also identify and initiate partnerships and collaborations that will continue to benefit the facilities long after the volunteers leave.

Women Empowerment
Volunteers will be assigned to work with one of our partner organizations in Arusha, Tanzania. They will support programs aimed at helping disadvantaged women become independent and financially stable.

Selfless Solutions partners with different groups around the world to raise money for construction projects in Arusha. The intention is to have the groups travel to Tanzania and participate hands-on in completing the project. If you are individual interested in this program, please reach out so that we can discuss more about what options might be available for you.

Start your Selfless journey

If you’re ready to apply or want to learn more, please email getinvolved@selflesssolutions.org. Our team will respond to you promptly to assist you in moving forward.