Sponsor a child

How it works

Sponsors are matched with children from disadvantaged families in Arusha. The sponsorship provides one child with a scholarship to a reputable private school and health insurance. We also provide the children we sponsor with psychosocial support services to guide them in critical thinking, problem-solving, and becoming good citizens. Our program is designed to enable them to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty and to mold them into leaders that will help those who come after them.

Our sponsor program is unique in that the beneficiaries participate in the program. Your sponsorship will cover 90% of expenses, but the family contributes the remaining 10%. Additionally, they will provide some school essentials, such as a school bag and shoes. We do this because it is our desire to be partners with families to empower their children.

Please note, we are looking for people who can reasonably commit to sponsoring the child until they graduate from secondary school O-levels (10-13 years). If this is not possible, a one-time donation of $730 is preferred. This will be put in our Selfless Sponsor Program Fund to ensure that students will not have to leave school in case they lose their sponsor. It is also used to provide special events and learning opportunities for the children.

A young girl in a pink shirt, crouched down, smiling for the camera.

Through the Selfless Sponsorship Program, you’ll ensure that one child receives a high-quality education at reputable private school in Arusha, Tanzania.

What to expect as a child's sponsor

  • Once you have been matched with a child, we will send you their information so you can know more about who you are supporting. Although we can take requests about which child to sponsor, please note that it is our STRONG preference to match sponsors with the next eligible child based upon our own internal policies and procedures.
  • Updates on your sponsee’s progress after each academic term (twice per year in December and June).
  • Opportunities to engage with the child and their family via gifts, letters, videos, etc. (contingent upon the family’s comfort level and interest).
  • We can help you arrange a trip to Tanzania to meet your sponsee in-person and see Selfless Solutions’ life-changing projects firsthand.