About Us

We believe that every person deserves an opportunity to reach their full potential.

our story

When our founder arrived in Tanzania in 2018 to volunteer, he was amazed by the desire of young people to learn. They wanted to succeed for themselves and their families.

It was clear being stuck in intergenerational cycles of poverty wasn’t their fault. Instead, it was due to a lack of opportunity and resources to support their dreams.

Our founder immediately brought together his network to ensure these kids had access to good schools. Since then, he has recruited young, intelligent, and creative Tanzanians to join him in creating opportunities. Together, they became Selfless Solutions.

Patrick Irwin surrounded by smiling children on the steps at the entrance to a building.


We bring people together to co-create solutions to the most critical problems facing African communities.


We are working to become Africa’s most valued partner for co-creating projects and organizations that empower people to reach their full potential. Our creativity, effectiveness, and spirit will make us the #1 choice for changemakers and funders who want to make a meaningful and lasting impact in African communities.

Core values

These are our most cherished principles, which we use to guide our every decision. Our core values are not just words. They are purposefully embedded throughout every aspect of our work


We adhere to the Ubuntu philosophy which asserts that all people are connected by one, universal bond. A person who is Selfless (has Ubuntu), understands that they belong to a greater whole and that they cannot be truly at peace while others are suffering.


We have intense trust in the ability of people to create and implement solutions to their own problems. This is why we approach our partnerships with respect, humility, and a collaborative spirit.

Effective Altruism

Our programs and services are high-quality, effective, and efficient. We allocate our resources in such a way that we can do the most good in the world with what we have


We are constantly pushing ourselves to be our best and reach our full potential. We consciously push against the “good enough” mindset by paying close attention to details and always going the extra distance required to be a truly excellent organization.


We operate with integrity and with complete transparency to hold ourselves accountable to both our supporters and the broader public.


The word “can’t” IS NOT in our vocabulary. We see difficult problems as welcome and solvable challenges. Just because something hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Our Team